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Scanna Security x-ray systems – essential tools for inside investigation

27 February 2015

SCANNA MSC Ltd is the leading UK Manufacturer of Portable X ray systems for IED identification and investigative search with an extensive reputation for the design of robust Defence and Security x-ray products. Scanna is a Contractor for x-ray equipment for National and International EOD agencies in the UK, USA and many other NATO countries.

Scanna’s high resolution x-ray systems are designed to be as rugged, compact and lightweight as possible and provide a fast, safe and highly effective method of investigating Suspect Packages, IEDs, Vehicles and Cargo as well as for Special Operations and Countersurveillance.


X-ray investigations need to be set up and completed within a very short timeframe and multiple operators may often share a system, but in different scenarios.
Scanna x-ray systems are straightforward and intuitive for anyone to use with both direct (DR) and indirect (CR)
x-ray imaging technologies available. This multiple x-ray technology capability gives operators a wide range of choice across the board of speed, size, image quality and cost.


The latest lightweight cable free x-ray image plates weigh just a few grams and are completely flat and flexible, letting you get an x-ray almost anywhere you need to. At the same time, these thin plates are available in multiple sizes and have the ability to be used in wide ranging combinations and configurations to cover larger areas.
Small A4 size plates are ideal for use in confined areas such as wall or ceiling cavities or to check an item placed very close to a wall whilst using multiple longer length plates would be more suited for looking into vehicle panels and for pinpoint cargo scanning.


For users who require more speed, Scanna offers rapid direct-to-laptop x-ray systems where the x-ray can be placed, fired and viewed in just a few seconds.
The big advantage of the Scanna solution is that all systems come in a single case, operate on battery, and utilise safe pulsed x-ray generators that are interchangeable between direct and indirect imaging systems. The same powerful SCANVIEW software features are common across all systems to reduce operator training requirements.


One sector of the security community that is already seen the benefits of utilising portable x-ray equipment  is Event Security where Scanna x-ray solutions were acquired and used by the Brazilian Government and Police for security search and investigation in support of the recent 2014 FIFA World Cup. These will continue to be used to secure future large events including the Brazil Olympics in 2016.


Within the Transport Security Sector Aviation Security Support Teams in Australasia rely on Scanna x-ray equipment as a backup to the normal police response to ensure that incidents involving suspicious baggage can be cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to minimise any disruption to passengers, flights and crucial airport operations.  Here, as in most territories, Scanna equipment is supported by local in-country distribution agents with military and EOD backgrounds who understand the specific needs of their user groups to provide operational advice, expertise and service support.


One innovative application for portable x-ray is where large vehicles are pre-screened by fixed vehicle screening x-ray systems. In some cases the larger vehicle screening systems are not set up to x-ray the bottom portion of the vehicle and in these situations a portable system can be invaluable for checking blindspots around the chassis, wheels and wheel arches.  For customs applications small flexible x-ray plates can be used for close up detailed checks of dashboards and seats for concealed drugs and other contraband.


Governments have traditionally been at the forefront of protecting themselves against the loss of important confidential and private information through espionage techniques...
With the emergence of global markets and global competition, businesses are now a prime target of espionage as criminal efforts to obtain trade secrets and intellectual property proliferate.
Intelligence agencies and TSCM teams are increasingly making use of portable x-ray technology as part of their standard countersurveillance toolkit to ensure that facilities are free from listening /recording devices and to analyse any finds.


Mobile phones, drugs, sim cards, batteries, weapons are all prohibited items in prisons but they continue to find their way into these facilities and into the hands of inmates.  Portable x-ray equipment is deployed within the Prison Sector for cell searches so that any prohibited items concealed within furniture, electronic gaming devices, toiletries, clothing and shoes can quickly be detected and confiscated.


Scanna is also the manufacturer of the world leading SCANMAX brand of postal security x-ray cabinets. As well as being a known, reliable and safe detection technique for finding postal bombs, cutting devices and white powder letters, Scanmax x-ray chambers are also used in forensic laboratories for component analysis and within the prison sector for detecting drugs concealed in inmate mail.

To find out how x-ray equipment can help you in your security role visit or contact Kirstine Wilson on +44 (0)207 355 3555.

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