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Bakery In Knead Of RHI Steam Metering

27 February 2015

Producing over 1 million loaves of bread each week, a prominent bakery based in the North required a solution to measure their steam generation.

During a recent refurbishment, the bakery installed a number of sustainable heat sources and required steam meters permissible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). RHI provides financial support to participants who install renewable heating technologies. Where required, metering is used to measure the heat / steam produced by the renewable heat installation.

The large, state of the art bakery required the installation of numerous steam meters so that the heat delivered from the steam boilers could be calculated.  This was achieved using RHI compliant BFVM vortex flow meters suitable for saturated and super-heated steam applications up to +350°C. The BFVM with integral temperature and pressure sensors provides constant measurement of steam mass and steam energy, whilst independently displaying the steam temperature and pressure.

The chosen BFVM model has a stainless steel 304 body, flange connections, was provided in a 6” line size and was supplied with a calibration certificate to provide assurance that the meter is performing within it’s stated accuracy specification of ±1.5%. With the meter incorporating a pulse output we also provided a Cortex XDF remote mount flow computer to perform and display the energy calculation.

The Cortex XDF display allows the steam energy generated to be calculated from either 0°C, which assumes the boiler is blowing down all of the return condensate to waste, or the display can calculate the Delta energy which allows an extra temperature probe fed into the display from the condensate return line to provide the net energy.

In addition to providing the meters we offered advice with regards to installation, orientation and position in the system to achieve effective measurement and ultimately RHI compliance.

For further information on the BFVM steam meters, Cortex displays or the Renewable Heat Incentive please contact us on 0800 027 7786 or email

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