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Heskins Increase Colour Range for Non Slip Fabric

03 March 2015

The versatile anti slip mesh fabric product that is non slip fabric, has now got a couple of additional strings to its proverbial bow in the form of colours.

Until recently, we have only been stocking non slip fabric in neutral colours, black, beige and white, due to the popularity of inconspicuous non slip finishings to use as linings or under objects. However, recently we have seen an upturn in demand for brighter colours, red and blue in particular.

Businesses in the marine industry have been coming in droves to aquire the non slip fabric in brighter colours, so we decided to manufacture large rolls for general sale. It is created the exact same way as our other non slip fabrics, an aerated non slip foam is applied to a fabric mesh, then dried and rolled into large logs. When used, the non slip foam will then compress under an object to achieve excellent grip.

Red and blue non slip fabric is available in large logs, up to 1.5 metres in width and 25 metres in length. We can offer bespoke sizes, and dependent on order quantity, we can create non slip fabric in virtually an colour matching RAL or Pantone references.

To place an order, or enquire further about custom options, please contact us.

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