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During 2014 Wardray Premise Ltd manufactured 23 RF cages.

09 March 2015

This included installations at Lancashire Royal Infirmary, Addenbrookes Hospital, Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Veterinary College Cambridge.

The Wardray cage is a robust, self-supporting structure, made from high grade aluminium.  It has a five year guarantee for attenuation. Each cage is bespoke, designed to suit individual host rooms and can be any size or shape.

Wardray were also pleased to have been involved with the facility that won the Clinician’s Choice Award at the 16th Building Better Healthcare Awards this year. The winner was Sonnemann Toon Architects for the European Scanning Centre in Harley Street, London. The centre has created a truly therapeutic environment where health and design have come together. The centre accommodates a scanner that is both open and upright. This allows the patient imaging in an upright position, full weight bearing images can be obtained in the positon of maximum symptom, whether it be sitting or standing thus enhancing the accuracy and clinical relevance of the report. Wardray’s work was behind the scenes, designing, manufacturing and installing the RF cage for this scanner. Wardray’s expertise ensured that Sonnemann Toon Architects design with ‘egg shaped’ room and sculptured walls was realised with the shielding work. This project was complicated and challenging, but the results were impressive.

Wardray are the only UK manufacturer of aluminium RF cages and have in excess of 300 MRI installations worldwide. They also offer the following products and services for the MRI environment:
  • magnetic shielding solutions;
  • Relax and View® lightboxes;
  • dimmable ceiling lights and lighting solutions;
  • switchable / privacy glass;
  • prefinished laminated wall panels; and
  • the support of a UK based team of engineers, offering service contracts for RF doors and other MRI products to ensure longevity, performance and keeping downtime to a minimum.
Visit their website: contact their staff at or telephone 0208 398 9911 for further details.

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