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Online Appointment Booking Increases in Popularity

19 November 2008

Market leading i-salon™ provider Integrity Software, was the first UK company to offer an online appointment bookings facility for salon system users, with the i-bookings™ module.

Integrity Software have announced the success of their online booking system, reporting a steady increase in the number of online appointment bookings made using i-bookings™ - with nearly 900 new client registrations recorded in September.

Initially, as with any new technology, there were only a handful of forward thinking salons who took advantage of the online bookings facility. i-salon™ users such as sota, based in York, who won the L’Oreal Website Of The Year Award 2008, and Cardiff based Ken Picton, who is renowned in the industry for his innovative approach to running his salon. Recognising the potential of offering this service to their client base they were among the first to install i-bookings™.
In the last six months many more salons, such as Leicester based Yanhair, have now cottoned on to the benefits of offering this service to their clients - creating a significant increase in the demand for i-bookings™. This demand has also been impacted by the general increase in consumers who want the convenience of booking their services and appointments online outside of normal business hours.
“i-bookings™ allows a salon’s clients to book their own appointments directly over the web straight into their appointment book. The system is quick and easy-to-use, providing salons with a real differentiator from their competitors,” said Ray Simpson, Director of the Hair & Beauty Division at Integrity Software. “I am delighted with the interest that is now being generated in i-bookings™. Although initial uptake was slow the industry is starting to wake up to the power of the internet. Salons are now harnessing it to drive their businesses forward and cater to the changing lifestyle habits of their customers.”

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