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It’s all to do with Buckets & Cups- Oval Gear Flow Meters Explained

14 April 2015

Oval gear are positive displacement flow meters which divide or displace the flow into pockets of a known volume. Imagine emptying a mystery bucket with a cup that holds 1 litre - if it takes 20 cups to empty the bucket it contained 20 litres.

Each meter contains a pair of meshed oval rotors which rotate as the fluid enters the meter sweeping the fluid into discreet pockets (think cups) in a measuring chamber before releasing it on the outlet side. To count the rotations (and so the number of cups) magnets contained in the rotor heads generate a pulse as they pass under a sensor.

As the volume of fluid displaced by each full rotation is known (in the same way that we know the volume of the cup) the number of pulses and their frequency can be used by a receiving instrument to calculate the flow rate and total. If each pulse is equal to 1 litre and 6 pulses are received then 6 litres has been metered. If the 6 pulses are received in 10 seconds the flow rate is 36 litres per minute.

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