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In Mould Labelling brings fantastic advance in Gastronorm Container identification

22 April 2015

At last a leading Birmingham company Catering Equipment Ltd has come up with the ultimate solution to identifying gastronorm containers and their contents.

Traditionally, caterers have had to put up with expensive sticky labels  which fall off in the fridge, drop off when being washed, or they are  scratched off with use. Now, Catering Equipment Ltd have the answer, a process known as In-Mould Labelling. Quite simply put, during the production process, the label is moulded into the actual plastic of  the  Gastronorm Container, thus encapsulating the label on two sides.

This  advanced  technology means the  label is now just  as durable as  the container itself. In addition, the date , contents  and any other information can also be written on the outside of the container with normal white board pen. Currently the container features  HACCP graphics, but  customers may wish to feature their own logos and HACCP designs.

Also to compliment this fantastic new product , Catering Equipment Ltd have four clip on lids available in Blue, Yellow, Green and Red and a range of colour clips for further quick identification.  

Finally all materials are FDA approved , measurements are both imperial and metric, plastic is tried and tested bisphenol A free polypropylene  (BPA free means very low toxicity, ideal for use with food for babies and children).

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