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Breakthrough in Number Plate Recognition

24 November 2008

Paxton Access’ has launched the Net2 number plate reader, designed to make number plate recognition easy and reliable.

The number plate recognition system has been built for ease of use and value for money. The simple design will allow users to control access to premises, will recognise number plates and can be controlled directly from Net2 software where no extra hardware or specialist knowledge is needed. 

To install the Net2 number plate reader the camera is mounted to provide a clear view of the number plate and a data cable is wired from the camera to the reader port on the Net2 control unit.

The Net2 number plate reader is then configured in the Net2 system in the same way as any other Paxton Access reader.  To add the number plate to a user’s record in the Net2 software in exactly the same way as you would a normal token.

The infrared camera will read a vehicle’s number plate and then pass on the details to the Paxton Access Net2 system.  The vehicle is then granted or denied access as appropriate.

Adam Stroud, Sales and Marketing Director at Paxton Access comments, ‘When we realised how many of our installers were frustrated with the current choice of number plate recognition systems we started to develop the Net2 number plate reader.  The result is an affordable, easy to install, solution that no-one else in the market has to offer.’

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