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Business Rate Energy – What’s that?

23 April 2015

We all understand that by “shopping around” we can find a better deal on our gas and electricity prices. All we have to do is click onto a site like “Get more” or whatever and we still save a bit off our domestic bills.

But DID YOU KNOW that there are SPECIAL BUSINESS TARIFFS? More to the point, they can show you 25% LOWER prices than you probably pay at the moment. In addition, if you have multi-locations/offices they can all be rolled into ONE LOW COST bill.

What do you have to do?

Just send us a recent bill (Gas and/or electricity)

You can then either call us – Freephone 08000 093 053


Log on to and then follow the heading “ENERGY” where there is a link to a quotation page.

There is, of course, no obligation at any stage – just a pleasant surprise that we can reduce your bills by such a large amount.

David Girling
RBM Voice & Data Consultancy in partnership with Fidelity Energy

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