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24 November 2008

PULS UK responds to the credit crisis by increasing customer support and is proving how they can save their customers money.

PULS, the world’s leading manufacturer of DIN Rail power supplies, have been tirelessly working to provide their customers with true cost savings. Increasing their already excellent sales and technical support, PULS has the products and services that will help customers through the credit crisis.

Commonly the idea of cost is “How much does do I have to spend now?” PULS believes that the true cost is that of the life of a product. A cheaper starting cost is not always, and with electronics is rarely, a cheaper solution. Energy costs are rising and time is becoming more valuable - it is the little things that are making all the difference.

PULS DIN rail power supplies have efficiencies up to 96% - this means that they are only losing 4% of the total energy. Low cost DIN rail power supply units commonly have efficiencies of 85%, and so the cheap units are wasting almost 4 times the energy and money; Money that could be better spent on investing in a company’s future.

Cost of ownership is not only that of running the system but maintenance as well, which can be expensive if reliability is not up to par. Imagine your system’s power supply as the heart of your machine, as it fails your machine dies too. Not only will the replacement unit cost you money but there is the cost incurred when you have to wait for the equipment to return to operation as well as the engineering time spent replacing the power supply and rechecking the calibration.

Not only will PULS save customers’ money over time but they realise that the initial costs are also something to consider. Utilising decades of experience in supporting their customers PULS UK are going the extra mile by offering extended credit terms. Harry Moore, Managing Director of PULS UK comments “The credit crunch will cause a lot of problems. We feel with money being tight that cost of ownership is where true savings can occur and I am proud that we can provide these savings for our customers!”

It is impossible to predict the future to any certainty, however PULS feel with their products and support,  customers have the help they need for the journey forward

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