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Ahava UK’s Brand New Mineral Botanic Skin Care Range

27 November 2008

In keeping with its ethos of making available the very best the Dead Sea has to offer for skin care, Ahava UK has launched a brand new skin-nourishment range, Mineral Botanic.

The new line features a unique range of Velvet Cream Washes powered by healthy Dead Sea minerals, infused with organic plant extracts, and enriched with natural moisturising oils.  

Consumers can choose from seven delicious, freshly scented, formulations each of which brings specific support for normal to dry, very dry, and sensitive skins. The range presents two different Velvet Cream Wash products for each skin type, as well as one for gentle body exfoliation.   Each Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash delivers all the skin-nourishing, moisture-enhancing properties of its unique Dead Sea mineral formulation. Mineral Botanic helps improve the skin’s natural moisture level from within, and the inclusion of Macadamia, or Sunflower Oil, work in combination with the minerals to promote soft, supple, smooth skin.  The additional inclusion of two specific organic plant extracts, promote their complimentary effects for each skin type.  

Mineral Botanic provides effective cleansing through its exceptionally creamy-textured, wash, and rest assured that each product is free-from parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate, and other controversial ingredients; they are allergy tested, and not tested on animals.

Pat Strutt of Ahava UK comments, “The unique minerals found in the ancient Dead Sea are renowned for their moisturising and energizing abilities.  Likewise, over
centuries, the ancients also used botanic extracts with great effect, for soothing, toning, and hydrating skin.  Mineral Botanic uses all its skin-benefiting ingredients in a light, gentle cream wash, which makes use of all the natural elements to clean and revitalise the skin, leaving it soothed, nourished, hydrated, and balanced.  Being parabens- and SLS-free contributes to the overall experience, with Macadamia or Sunflower oils included to make each Mineral Botanic blend feel more like an ultra-soft moisturising lotion than a cleanser.” 

Pat concludes: “Bringing together two distinct worlds; the therapeutic benefits of Dead Sea minerals and the nourishing nature of organic plant extracts, Ahava has created a delightful synergy of pure natural goodness for skin, which conveys a brand new way to help the skin stay ‘clean’, healthy, soft, and supple.  Not only that, the new Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash line presents an exciting, highly-desirable opportunity for the retail side of all salons as the range represents one of the very first Dead Sea minerals/organic botanical liquid wash lines, a product type that many consumers now seek to buy.”

Each Velvet Cream Wash in the Mineral Botanic range retails for £15.00 for 500mls, trade price £7.50 plus VAT and is presented in eye-catching, attractively labelled packaging that quickly conveys the quality, efficacy, and botanic ingredients of each formulation.  All support materials, and point-of-sale displays are now available; be one of the first to receive our brand new Mineral Botanic line.  For further information, contact Ahava UK on 01452 864574, email or visit the company website.

Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash Range

For Normal to Dry Skin 

Orange & Frangipani:  Orange is rich in Vitamin C, contains natural antibacterial qualities, and helps form collagen in connective tissue.  Frangipani soothes, tones, and purifies skin.

Grape & Avocado: Grape is a powerful antioxidant and a recognised emollient.  Avocado contains five vitamins essential for healing and regenerating skin.

Water Lily & Guarana:  Water Lily infuses skin with gentle tranquillity, Guarana provides qualities to awaken the skin’s metabolism, and Olive and Apricot Seed combine to exfoliate the skin gently via its micro-peeling process.

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