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Ensure CLP2015 compliance with KAISER+KRAFT

08 May 2015

From 1st June 2015, the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation, will apply to both substances and mixtures, requiring manufacturers to appropriately classify, label and package hazardous substances before being placed on the market

The legislation, agreed by the UN and based on a Globally Harmonised System, is designed to ensure the highest level of protection to user health and the environment. Vast product types must now be re-classified, re-labelled and re-packaged to comply with CLP including consumer products such as detergents and paints as well as industrial substances and mixtures.

Online workplace equipment specialist KAISER+KRAFT have a range of storage products available to help you comply with CLP2015 and with the latest price cuts on selected Eurokraft environmental cupboards, you can help ensure your classification, labelling and packaging complies with the latest legislation.

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