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Surface Mount Vapour Phase Reflow Oven in Kent factory

19 May 2015

Saturn Solutions has recently installed a new Surface Mount Vapour Phase Reflow Oven in it's Kent factory.

Vapour phase is the latest innovation using a high boiling point liquid that creates a vapour cloud at precisely the right temperature to solder all joints perfectly 100% of the time.

Director Philip Saunders says "With the new oven we can get perfect results when soldering anything from small discreet components to large complex devices using BGA and QFN technology. You just don't experience the issues that have been associated with Infra Red reflow ovens in the past. With this equipment added to our surface mount line we can give the best quality, value for money service on anything from prototype quantities to medium scale manufacturing. Why not contact us to find out more about what we can offer you?"

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