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Make a clean sweep with Kaiser+Kraft

04 June 2015

Kaiser+Kraft have a pretty neat range of cleaning equipment to help keep your workplace bang tidy this Summer and with 20,000 prices slashed by up to 20% on selected products, there's never been a better time for a late Spring clean.

Four products feature in the Kaiser+Kraft cleaning product range including;

Karcher NT27/1 Adv Vacuum Cleaner, compact and manoeuvrable with extra large filter surface area, mechanical float switch-off when maximum fill level is reached, accessory holders and cable storage hooks, 35 mm diamater 2.5 meter suction hose with elbow, 2 x 0.5 m extension tubes, wet and dry vacuum nozzle, universal brush, crevice nozzle, paper filter bag and cartridge filter plus 3 year guarantee. £

Dust Class M Safety Industrial Vacuum Cleaner capable of 99.99% dust retention, automatically supported filter cleaning which switches on when the volumetric flow rate falls below the defined value, filter cartridges are cleaned alternately, resulting in no loss of suction power during operation, 35 mm diameter 5 meter hose, stepped connecting sleeve, 2 polyester filter cartridges, 3 special PE emptying bags and 3 Year guarantee.

Sweeping Machine for edge to edge sweeping, suitable for fine and coarse, dry and wet dirt such as paper, leaves, metal shavings, drink cans etc with 2 roller brushes, height adjustable side brushes made of hardwearing nylon, two side brushes and two counter-rotating roller brushes. Extremely easy to push and manoeuvre, stairs are no problem due to large wheels and 10 year guarantee. 

Rubbermaid Cleaning Trolley mobile double bucket unit, robust plastic dolly with two 18 litre buckets in blue and red, detachable mop wringer, fitted with reducer insert. 

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