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Solar Control Window Film

10 June 2015

Reducing the levels of heat and glare that shines through windows can contribute significantly to the comfort and wellbeing of staff.

Window films can filter out up to 75% of the direct heat keeping workplace temperatures down and helping people to concentrate. Glass creates the feeling of magnifying direct sunlight which is supported by the fact that the sun shining through a South facing window, with typically 40 per cent of the elevation being glass, throws up to 63W of heat onto every square metre of floor.
The records show that summers are getting hotter and it is unfair to expect people to work at a high level of accuracy with the sun shining on them. Glare is another issue that comes with the sun’s rays shining through glass. For those working on computers or other VDUs, the combination of heat and glare creates an unbearable combination under which to work, which could so easily be remedied.

Glare is certainly contributing to vocational health problems for the 70 per cent of people who work with VDUs and other screens with symptoms like eye-strain, headache and nausea very often contributing to a lack of energy.

Solar control window films are effective and economical solution as they can be installed with little disruption to the workplace and start working immediately. Very few building improvements that provide an immediate benefit to staff also come with a realisable return on investment. For one recent application of solar control window film to a ten year old building, the computer calculations forecast a return on the full installation cost in just 3.4 years. The overall return on investment during the life of the film can be measured in the high thousands, plus the associated reduction in carbon emissions.

Modern high technology window films do not have to have a noticeable tint so that the transmitted levels of daylight remain largely unaltered. However, for some businesses having a soft tint, like sunglasses, is a good option as this can improve the look of a building.

Closing the blinds may give the impression that the sun is being shut out but be aware that the heat is still entering the building and will eventually raise the internal temperatures. How much better to use blinds in a more subtle way, enjoy natural daylight and still not be concerned about excessive heat gain and glare.

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