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Mattei patents revolutionary new technology

06 June 2007

Designed to reduce operating costs, Mattei’s new Rotary Vane Compressor is at the cutting edge of industrial compressor technology which lead to three new patents.

A Midlands based manufacturing company has launched a new innovative solution for industrial air compression.

Mattei Compressors Limited has launched its new 100 Series Rotary Vane Compressor. This new product is at the cutting edge of industrial compressor technology and is the result of several years of intense research and development from Mattei’s engineering and design team.

The new 100 series is a development from the hugely successful 200 series, which has sold thousands since its launch in the mid 1990’s. The new 100 series shares the same installed powers of 1kW – 3kW but has been developed to fulfil a market requirement for an industrial solution that is easy to use and with low operating costs.

The Research and Development Team at Mattei have understood these requirements so comprehensively that it resulted in the creation of three additional patents for the new product. “The investment in time and money has been substantial,” explains Dr Giulio Contaldi, Mattei’s Head of Research and Development. “One of the main goals was to reduce the number of components in the machinery. For this reason, we engineered a new design, leading to several significant changes from the 200 series. The reduction and simplification of parts will add further benefits by significantly reducing the maintenance costs.”

Although intended as a cost effective solution the 100 will still offer many beneficial features as standard, such as safety thermostats for both motor and oil temperature, a built in pressure gauge, an integrated oil radiator and a visual oil level indicator.

The compressor will be mounted on either a 90 or 200 litre air receiver, depending on client’s individual requirements and its price will be comparable to that of a high quality piston compressor. The Mattei unit will however, provide the added advantage of operating more quietly and more efficiently.

“The new 100 series is an affordable industrial compressor, perfect for either continuous or intermittent working cycles” adds Andy Jones, General Manager of Mattei’s UK subsidiary based in the Midlands. “It is a perfect solution for workshops, craftsmen, small companies and any business which has moderate and autonomous compressed air needs”.

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