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Blow Motion are pleased to announce that their 'Hand Dryers' are now the NUMBER ONE choice for Nationwide sports bar, 'Walkabout'

26 June 2015

Walkabout approached Blow Motion earlier this year looking for fast drying hand dryers that could handle VERY high amounts of traffic - Every Day!

Blow Motion have been supplying almost every business in every sector since 2012 with their own brand of high quality (but sensibly priced) hand dryers so where well equipped to provide Walkabout with some recommendations.

Walkabout opted for our 'Storm' hand dryer pictured below. The Storm can handle very high amounts of traffic. It dries hands in less than 10 seconds and is made from top grade vandal resistant stainless steel.

Walkabout have been so impressed by Blow Motions hand dryers that they would now like to view the entire range!

All dryers are currently on sale giving a 20% saving across the entire range so now is a great time to buy!

Blow Motions full range can be viewed by visiting their website

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