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Recycling Scrap Mercury

16 July 2015

Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. Also known as ‘Quicksilver,’ Mercury is used in thermometers, barometers, float valves, some electrical switches and other scientific apparatus. It also remains in use in scientific research applications and in amalgam material for dental restoration.

Current legislation classes’ mercury as hazardous waste and therefore it must be recycled correctly and accompanied in transport with hazardous waste transfer documentation.  AWA Refiners are licensed to trade and transfer mercury and can complete all of the required paperwork on your behalf, meaning a swift and easy service.

Scrap mercury is a valuable commodity; so not only will you receive the full environmental service from AWA Refiners, you will also receive a competitive price. This makes AWA one of the best buyers of mercury in the UK.  We offer a FREE nationwide collection service for scrap mercury*. Please contact our buying department to arrange a date for pick up.

*minimum quantities required

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