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Argan oil therapy – CRS (care repair system

16 July 2015


  • Is suitable for all hair types;
  • With Natural UV protection;With the presence of Omega Oils, antioxidants & Vitamins A & E, it’s very useful in restoring the natural hair and repairing the damage caused by destructive agents;
  • Provides hair with extra shine without the greasy look ;
  • Prevents skin irritation;
  • Coats each individual hair strand and repairs some of the damage;
  • Prevents evaporation of water or drying of the hair;
  • Gives your hair a healthy appearance;
  • Protects the skin from being damaged. Keeps you looking young and healthy;
  • Can be used as a hair and skin conditioner;
  • Faciliates the combing of tangled hair;
  • Good for uncontrollable and unmanageable hair.

Our prices are very competitive compared to other well-known brands.

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