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Preparing for a Flying Visit

08 December 2008

Airport car parks need their own particular control systems, so when we were asked to equip a brand new Q-Park, 2200-space multistorey car park at Heathrow Airport, we set about designing a solution that would address all its needs.

With cars being parked for some length of time and the site a very busy one, the system we devised centred around three core issues: efficient entry and exit for customers; a full photographic record of customers’ vehicles on entry; and a log of car park employee activity in respect of each customer’s vehicle.

Following an extensive planning stage, we installed our BC200 system, with cars going through the entrance barriers then directed through our “car scanner”. Purpose built to the client’s specification, the scanner captures the licence plate number and takes photos of the vehicle from all angles. The information is then held on database and can be referred to in the event of a customer claiming that damage was caused to their vehicle whilst in the car park.

Once a customer has checked in at reception, staff take the vehicle through another of our barriers incorporating licence plate recognition and into the main multistorey car park. This area can only be accessed by employees with appropriate passes that must be used at entry and exit, with the data captured providing an exact log of who took which vehicle in and out of the car park.

When the customer returns to collect the car and payment is made, their validated entry ticket is then used to raise the barrier on exit. The entire system is a highly efficient one, and works extremely well for both the car park operator and their customers

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