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Stop Heat Gain and benefit now, this Autumn, this Winter and for many years to come

29 July 2015

We are well into the summer and some companies have persisted with heat gain through glazing, causing their staff discomfort and perhaps even adding to stress related problems, illness and absenteeism.

Certainly being excessively hot in an indoor work environment impacts on productivity and accuracy, as borne out by an article in the ASHRAE Journal.  ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), represents more than 50,000 engineers in over 100 countries and the article highlighted studies that show how productivity reduces by 10 per cent when internal workplace temperatures reach 24⁰C.

At this time of the year companies may be tempted to ‘ride out’ the summer and put off any expenditure to reduce heat gain. But there are many reasons why it is worth considering an installation of solar control window film right now. Firstly, solar control window film has to be one of the most convenient solutions to a real problem as it is easily installed with little disruption to the workplace – and it starts to work straight away. So within a short time staff can work more comfortably, more productively and feel much better about things. Not only does this installation reduce the transmission and magnification of heat through glazing – it also reduces the glare that compounds problems for staff working on VDUs of any kind.

So an installation of solar control window film now will work hard this Autumn and Winter when the sun is lower in the sky and glare is accentuated, and next Spring and so on.

Improving productivity and staff welfare is not the only benefit of installing window film. In fact, there is a major financial benefit too, and one that can be pretty much guaranteed for the next ten years. Whilst during the recession organisations have been ‘hot’ on reducing heating costs, many have not given the same attention to the cost of cooling. Simple fact: it takes about 4 x the energy to cool a work space by any  ⁰C, than it does to heat it by the same ⁰C. Cooling often gets forgotten yet as the sun warms building, sending searing rays into South and West elevations, staff switch on, and up, cooling devices of all kinds.

Durable Limited, almost certainly the highest regarded and longest standing company in the window film business has been running studies on the potential energy saving benefits of installing solar control window film. An example is the computer modelled calculations on an application of solar control window film to a ten year old building which forecast a return on the full installation cost in just 3.4 years. The overall return on investment during the life of the film should represent three times the installation cost plus the associated reduction in carbon emissions should also be considered with new legislation affecting many larger organisations.

There are many other benefits of installing window film, such as improved aesthetics and safety, and a call to Durable would provide information on these and the opportunity to see in the whole how your organisation could benefit from action taken right now. Call 0118 989 5200 or visit

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