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Environ Principal Predicts Strong Year for Cosmeceuticals in 2009

09 December 2008

Demanding skincare consumers are driving a new beauty trend, says David Alpert, UK distributor of Environ and founder of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing.

David Alpert, the UK distributor of Environ and founder of the International Institute for Anti-Ageing has seen a significant rise in professionals switching brands to increase the effectiveness of their treatments and homecare recommendations.

This trend has also been highlighted by global market intelligence specialists Mintel in their latest Beauty Innovation predictions, which claim that consumers will want to buy only the brands which can prove their value. They say that as well as value-for-money in the current economic climate, a key movement will be towards science-based brands that can demonstrate visible, proven results. Mintel expects to see companies investing in developing products that provide a lower cost alternative to surgery.

Environ already matches the profile outlined by Mintel with its high potency vitamin, peptide and antioxidant based products; non-invasive facial treatments that increase ingredient penetration by forty fold, and its pioneering micro-needling roller techniques that enhance the activity of skincare ingredients used at home and in professional treatments.

“Now that popular active ingredients feature in more ranges, the challenge for the professional industry is to help educate clients to differentiate between those which are mildly effective and those that have seriously effective levels in absorbable formulations,“ comments David. “

The trend to switch to more active products is not restricted to salons – recently we have seen more colleges change to Environ from other brands. Today’s economic climate means jobs are scarce – colleges need to make sure their graduates are suitably equipped for salons looking to meet the ever increasing expectations from clients.”

Mintel also predicts growing inclusion of ‘beauty foods’ – ingredients we normally eat or drink – in skincare products next year. In line with this trend, Environ’s new Advanced Vitamin Skin Therapy range, launching in 2009, includes resveratrol – a component found in red grapes and wine – as well as redbush, green and honeybush tea extracts for their potent anti-ageing properties.

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