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Safety for Heavy Industry Testing Equipment

09 December 2008

Quick, easy, safe – and best of all, cost-effective. What better list of benefits for a new piece of testing equipment? It was developed to take care of the tough and arduous conditions found in garages dealing with trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles.

Norbar Torque Tools has had huge success with its TruCheck torque wrench tester for the car market, and more recently for heavy vehicles. TruCheck will easily pay for itself by cutting down the time and costs involved in outside calibration.

The TruCheck is an easy-to-use torque wrench tester with an accuracy of ± 1% and a range of up to 1000N.m. The basic model has no changeable settings and is designed for click type wrenches – the operator simply sets a torque on the wrench, applies it to the tester and the actual torque applied is displayed on the clear LED screen.

The TruCheck Plus version is similarly simple, but the user can also select the units of measurement and also whether the torque wrench is a click or dial type.  In addition to the numeric display, a tolerance band can be set and the result (low, within tolerance or high) is indicated with an amber, green or red light.  Data can be downloaded to a PC for storage or for the production of calibration certificates.

Both testers are robustly constructed on a steel mounting plate well able to handle the maximum torque.  The outer shell is polypropylene and the LED displays are visible in all light conditions.

‘For example, we all know the potentially catastrophic consequences of incorrectly tightened wheel nuts,’ said Philip Brodey of Norbar. ‘But we also know that many people in the industry balk at the cost and time involved in calibrating their tools regularly. So we’re delighted to be able to offer this simple and cost-effective tester to help improve safety standards across the board.’

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