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Brazilian Blowout Tours UK

19 August 2015

Three years is all it took for the UKs Ganesha Group to expand to markets all across the world.

The company, run by President and CEO Diren Chetty supplies salons with a variety of top professional brands; offering great results and excellent revenue potential. The Ganesha Group are the exclusive distributors of several high end beauty products, including Brazilian Blowout, Pro Tan, Nisim, Egyptian Magic, Sleep In Rollers are just a few of their Premium Brands sold exclusively to the UK, Middle East, Europe or North Africa.

Brazilian Blowout, the number 1 smoothing solution in the world  will be hosting two shows in London on September 20th and 21st, two in Belfast on the 22nd and 23rd and in Glasgow for one show on the 24th of September. The shows in Ireland and Glasgow are the first launch of Brazilian Blowout for the Irish and the Scottish stylists. By attending the class, you will learn everything needed to increase your revenue and how to customise the treatment for every client. Where better to find out all you need to know about Brazilian Blowout than a Brazilian Blowout class?

Brazilian Blowout have completely taken over as an innovative and highly successful product brand throughout the hair and beauty industry. By revolutionising the process of smoothing, revitalising, and beautifying hair, Brazilian Blowout has been an instant hit with salons and their clientele. You can receive up to 34 treatments with a £450 investment, and in turn a salon can generate between £6000 and £13000 in revenue. With the simple task of advertising availability, clients will come running for the most dependable and unique treatments. There’s no three day waiting time like other products, clients can go home straight after their treatment and go swimming, put in a ponytail, wash, or style their hair without losing the beautiful effects. Also by attending the show all attendees will receive a free styling duo worth £54, so what more can you want than to get free gifts and learn how to triple your investment for you salon! Also check out the website for the new Split end treatment, and B3 bond builder by Brazilian Blowout which is added to colour service to restore the strength, structure, and integrity of the hair without damage or added processing time. Don’t miss this great opportunity for your income and your salon! Call 0845 862 5110 or email Tiffany at to RSVP and for more information on Ganesha Group visit .

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