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Hydravalve – Lean Efficiency Reaps Rewards

19 August 2015

Hydravalve of Willenhall, West Midlands have recently installed three Kardex Remstar Shuttles’.

The purpose of the shuttles’ is to optimise utilisation of storage space in a compact footprint. Consequently, increasing the storage capacity by 30% to meet the growing demands of the business.

The Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP is an automated high bay warehousing system with a modular design operating on the “goods to person” principle. This technology has aided to reduce both the physical demands of the warehouse activities, as well as allow for lean production, which is simply getting more from less.

Lean production involves eliminating waste and therefore using less space and time. The Shuttle XP enables Hydravalve to benefit from both these factors.

Firstly, faster order picking. The shuttles’ sort the products in optimised sequences to minimise machine runtimes. Subsequently, dramatically decreasing picking times that benefits both the customer and company. Therefore, multiple orders can now be fulfilled at the same time, resulting in batch picking increasing as much as 200%.

Secondly, saving space. The Shuttle XP enables for a high capacity in a small footprint to be implemented. Compared with conventional methods, the system only requires a footprint that is up to 80% smaller. According to Hydravalve, by utilising the vertical space from floor to ceiling, unexploited space is eliminated, and approximately 25% floor space is recovered.

Surprisingly, there is an additional benefit with this system, error prevention. The system reduces the minor possibility of a customer receiving the wrong product, thus improving efficiency. The Shuttle XP indicates the precise location within the carrier of the item to be picked, displays the part number or description and specifies the required quantity.

The shuttles’ can also display a photo image of the required item, giving the picker a clear visual to help verify the correct item has been picked.

Hydravalve states that strategic investment in equipment is at the forefront of the business.
“We are continually seeking to improve efficiencies. Naturally we will be able to offer our customers a wider range of products and ensure our customers gain the highest quality of products at the lowest price possible.” Says Andy Newham.

So the next time that you need valves and fittings, whether for standard applications or something out the ordinary, remember Hydravalve, as you might be surprised at the product range available.

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