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Hair Development Offers Re-growth Therapy with 80% Success Rate

19 August 2015

Men and women experiencing the first signs of hair thinning and hair loss can now trust a non-surgical, pain free solution to get fuller looking hair. Hair Development, based in London, offers a Laser Re-growth Therapy programme which has reported a typical success rate of over 80%.

It’s estimated around eight million women suffer from hair loss in the UK, and they are often dismissed by their GP because they can’t find the underlying cause and it’s not a serious health issue. Balding and hair loss is often thought of as a male problem, but it appears up to 80% of people visiting trichologists and specialised hair loss clinics are women.

Re-growth therapy is an innovative and highly effective solution for both men and women who don’t want to go under the knife for a hair transplant. The clinical machine uses Low Level Laser Therapy, which isn’t harmful, to stimulate the hair follicle and increase the blood flow – this allows more nutrients to be delivered, preventing further hair loss and encouraging re-growth.
Completely safe and pain free, laser therapy is a proven effective method of stopping hair thinning or loss in its tracks.
Janis Levy, Creative Director of Hair Development said, “There are many reasons why hair may begin to thin – genetics, poor diet, underlying medical conditions and medication can all have an effect, and that’s before we consider over-styling and harsh products which cause brittleness and hair to fall out. While age is a factor, many young people can experience hair loss too so this is a common issue which is still very much a taboo.

We want people to feel confident in themselves once again, and Laser Therapy is a non-intrusive way to stimulate re-growth for a noticeable difference. By restoring thinning hair, individuals can address the problem before it’s too late.”
Aside from alopecia and other medical or hormonal changes which contribute to hair loss, there are other reasons men and women start to lose their locks. 50% of women lose more hair than usual after giving birth, and cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy can often notice hair loss as a side effect. Whatever the cause of the hair loss or thinning hair, Laser Therapy is a viable option.

Just one treatment of Laser Therapy increases the blood flow to the scalp by 50% or more. Visit the Hair Development main office in London for a confidential consultation, or find a location near you which has been supplied with HD’s clinical laser re-growth machines.

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