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Your lawn in summer

24 August 2015

Summer heralds the best time of year for enjoying your lawn. Hopefully it will be outdoors with a refreshing iced drink. But even if you're viewing your lawn from indoors as you anxiously watch the seasonal storms flatten your flowers, at least the lawn will be looking fabulous.

What's that? It isn't? Well, that probably means you need to rethink your spring time lawn care for next year.  Certainly don't be tempted to join the millions of householders that have turned over their front gardens to hard landscaping, putting our wildlife and quality of live at peril!
But even if your lawn does look lush, thick and healthy (if you've followed my book, it certainly will be), it still needs attention through the summer.


Your lawn definitely wants a summer feed - one with Nitrogen to support good growth and enhance the green colour. Products such as Nutrifusion are great products to apply this time of year as they have no moss killers, which can be prone to severe scortching in hot, dry periods.
But what about the weeds? Many lawn weeds love this time of year and can be a nuisance if allowed to get out of control. I suggest considering a professional treatment if you have a serious problem, or just using a spot application - hitting individual weeds where it hurts!

If we get a hot and dry summer, you can difinitely help the grass by mowing correctly. Raise the height of the cut a little - and leave the box off; the cuttings will help return valuable moisture back into the lawn as well as protecting the vital soil microbes from sunburn.

With out weather it's hard to believe that water is a scarce commodity but we should use it sparingly and a healthy lawn can save you the need to water. So in dry periods don't panic. Grass is incredibly resilient and as soon as the rain returns, any dry patches will soon return to a glorious green colour. If you must water, only do so in the cool evenings.

If you can't just stand by and enjoy your lawn, you can occupy your time by tidying up the edges (if you don't do this routinely), or why not reseed or returf small bare areas.
Oh- and one last thing before you settle into that sun-chair with a long cold drink. Remember to keep moving your garden furniture, slides, paddling pools and any other summertime paraphernalia. The last thing you want to see when you put it all away for the winter are lots of dead patches in the lawn!

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