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10 December 2008

Kavis has announced the launch of their most exciting, forward thinking packaging product to date.

SilviPak is a sustainable packaging solution for ready-meals that is being introduced into the UK by Kavis as an alternative to foil or plastic containers.

"Made from virgin fibre, SilviPak is high quality food packaging. It is flexible and sturdy and the fibre used has an insulating effect so it's ideal for frozen and chilled ready-cooked food," said Chirag Shah of Kavis. "It is also a perfect fit with our corporate environmental policy because it is very environmentally friendly. Items can be re-used or re-cycled. It uses the minimum of plastic in the barrier film, it's lighter, reducing transport costs, and the wood fibre used to produce the SilviPak packages comes from sustainable managed forests where more trees are planted than are felled.”

Manufactured and developed in Scandinavia, SilviPak is the result of extensive consultation and product testing. It is approved for use with food and it has product features that make it especially suitable for use in cooking. It is heat resistant. With its laminated barrier film, SilviPak can withstand high temperatures for a long period in both microwave and conventional ovens. It also has insulating properties and retains heat but the fibre does not become hot on the external surface and it can therefore be handled directly after heating.

It is a great delivery solution because there is no need to support the tray with a paperboard sleeve or box, which cuts down on ancillary packaging. And unlike plastic and paperboard, there are no limits to the possible designs, colours and print options that can be applied to the container.

“At a time when there is a growing national focus on sustainability this product sets the benchmark," concludes Chirag Shah. “SilviPak is food packaging for the 21st century.”

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