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College welcomes innovative industry partnership

28 September 2015

Students following Gower College Swansea’s Digital Technology programme are set to benefit from sponsorship and possible employment opportunities after the department linked up with an innovative global company.

Based in Swansea, Energist Ltd was founded in 1999 and quickly became a market leader in Pulsed Light (IPL) systems based around its unique VPL variable pulsed light technology. The company has since expanded rapidly, growing a worldwide distribution base and significant sales in South East Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

The partnership between the college and Energist came about when Steve Williams, Curriculum Team Leader for Digital Technology, visited their Swansea premises as part of his regular industry visits in 2014.

“We are really excited to collaborate with this sector-leading company and look forward to a long and happy working partnership,” says Steve. “Energist has already donated specialist manufacturing equipment to the college, which will greatly enhance our students’ experience by allowing them to use the very latest digital technology specific to the medical electronics sector.”

In addition to this practical support, Energist has also offered extended work experience to Gower College Swansea students, with the possibility of these leading to apprenticeship opportunities.

“Energist is very pleased to support the college, especially as it’s such a hub of technical excellence,” adds Darren Thomas, Chief Technical Officer. “Local economic growth is underpinned by technical service expertise and innovation and it is up to industry to support local colleges in preparing students for life outside of the education system.”

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