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How do you protect the environment with plastic?

08 October 2015

With the new PolySafe Depot from DENIOS - Steel isn’t always safe!

When storing aggressive fluids, steel isn't always suitable. Acids and alkalis, for example, have corrosive properties and will attack steel, therefore long term protection is not guaranteed. So this is where plastic products can be more useful. Plastic offers a high degree of resistance to oils, acids and alkalis as well as other water-polluting, non-flammable substances. And it's much cheaper than stainless steel, which also has a comparable resistance to aggressive fluids.

DENIOS manufactures a wide range of these products in environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) in its own modern rotational moulding facilities. The plastic is environmentally friendly as it's fully recyclable and once broken down into granular form can be re-manufactured into new PE products.

The new PolySafe depot is another new product from DENIOS in polyethylene (PE). It's manufactured from 100% PE, so it's suitable for the approved storage of water-polluting substances and aggressive chemicals, both indoors and outdoors. PolySafe Depots are available in two sizes, for the storage of up to four 205 litre drums or one 1000 litre IBC.

With a spacious internal height, it's safe and efficient to load with a forklift or pallet truck and integral forklift pockets for access underneath make it easy to relocate. The optional mounting kit can also be used to anchor the PolySafe Depot to the floor. Supplied ready assembled.

For more information on the PolySafe Depot please call free on 0808 178 07 23 or email

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