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Introducing 12 NEW Infinite Shine shades with shine that lasts until you take it off.

28 October 2015

When it comes to finding the perfect vibrant shade (or shades!) for fingers and toes this lovely dozen of Infinite Shine shades includes an array of easy pinks, sunny yellows, breezy blues, hot orange, and juicy plum. Also included are metallic gold and silver hues for making a metallic statement!.

Get gel effects in a lacquer-easy formula!

Infinite Shine looks like gel, but applies like a lacquer, removes like a lacquer, and shines until you take it off. A 3-step system ensures this with a base coat that prevents staining and has real sticking power, a proprietary formula for lasting, rich colour, and a high-gloss top coat that creates dimensional shine.
  • 1- IS  Enter the Golden Era - This pearly gold ushers in the Age of Glam.  2995285037                                  
  •  2- 2- IS  Bee Mine Forever - I’m devoted to this sweet-as-honey yellow crème. 22995285038
  • 3- IS  S-ageless Beauty - You are so wise to choose this light sage.  22995285039
  • 4- IS  To Be Continued… - This periwinkle blue just keeps on shining. 22995285040
  • 5- IS  Wild Blue Yonder - Soar into this untamed sky blue.      22995285041
  • 6- IS  The Sun Never Sets - The afterglow of a tangerine sunset. 22995285042
  • 7- IS  Purpletual Emotion - Getting in touch with this expressive eggplant. 22995285043
  • 8- IS  Lavendurable - My love for this sweet lilac will last forever.  22995285044
  • 9- IS  Follow Your Bliss - I’m in hot pursuit of this dashing, joyful pink.  22995285045
  • 10- IS  You’re Blushing Again - This bashful pink has chic-y style. 22995285046
  • 11- IS  Patience Pays Off  - I canNOT wait to get ahold of this nude pink!  2995285047
  • 12- IS  Silver on Ice - Chill out with nails shimmering with cool silver. 2995285048
 Infinite Shine Trade ex vat £6.25 RRP £13.95 

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