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Recycled Play Surfacing Range Expanded

03 November 2015

Playtop, the worldwide play surfacing company, has added four new colours to its very successful Playtop with Nike Grind range, where at least 70% of the content is recycled material.

The range is created using worn out sports shoes and other recycled rubber materials. This means that every square metre of the range contains the rubber from at least 22 sports shoes, making the journey straight from player to playground.

The expanded safer surfacing range includes four brand new colours introduced to meet high customer demand: Sand, Brown, Flame and Plum. These will complement the existing range of Red, Black, Blue or Green and allow facility owners much more creative control over the look of their playground surfacing.

Each of the colours, when combined with the Playtop black base layer, will have a recycled content of at least 70%. What’s more, the cost of this new range is considerably less than conventional play surfacing per square metre that employs an EPDM top layer – in some instances saving the facility owner as much as 30%.

Bill Worthington, sales manager for Playtop Ltd, says: “The new additions to this range give playground owners and operators much greater scope for creating colourful and engaging playscapes for children. In addition, the new colours mean that there can be a greater variety in themes.

For example, the brown safer surfacing, coupled with intermittent green colouring and play equipment could create a convincing forest environment for children, whereas the sand colour opens up schools and nurseries to the possibility of creating safe and impact resistant beach or desert scenes for children to enjoy.”

Playtop is an official global partner of Nike and is the only play surfacing company in the world to offer Playtop with Nike Grind. The range is only available through the Playtop licensee network, which covers over 55 countries worldwide.

To get more information about the Playtop with Nike Grind range, contact Playtop Ltd on 01332 287418 or

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