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Katy Perry Rocks Custom Made Minx™

09 November 2015

Katy Perry once again looks to Californian nail brand, Minx™ for a fashion forward nail fix. Fashion crazy, nail adventurous pop-artist Katy Perry, has loved and worn Minx™ since its original launch in 2009.

Performing at the Hillary Clinton Fundraiser in Iowa last week, Katy wore custom Minx™ designed by her nail stylist Kimmie Kyees, who worked with Minx co-founder Janice Jordan to bring the design to life. 

“Kimmie and I have worked together since the beginning of Minx creating custom designs for her celebrity clients.  Kimmie is excellent at visualizing and communicating the looks she wants and we provide her a variety of options to choose from.

We are creating a collection of presidential candidates Minx along with Democrat and Republican designs so everyone can wear their support on their nails!” – Minx Co-Founder, Janice Jordan.

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