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Fancy a Business in a Box?

16 December 2008

Megger provides contractors with a new way to generate additional income.

The “Business in a Box” is a new and innovative product from test instrument expert, Megger, which has been specifically developed to make it as easy as possible for electrical contractors to generate extra income – something that is likely to be particularly welcome in the current economic climate.

Recognising that there is a huge demand for portable appliance (PAT) testing services, and that this demand is virtually unaffected by current economic factors, Megger has provided, in the form of a convenient and very comprehensive kit, everything contractors need to tap into this potentially lucrative market.

In addition to a PAT tester and versatile software for organising and storing results, Megger’s Business in a Box includes guidance on PAT testing as well as a range of valuable marketing tools. Among these are guides to the types of customers that have a need for PAT testing, and hints on how to find such customers in the local area.

Sample publicity material, including template letters, flyers, posters, etc which contractors can easily customise to promote their own businesses, is also provided.

To ensure that purchasers of the Business in a Box are able to provide the widest range of cost-effective PAT testing services, Megger is including as part of the kit its premium model tester – the PAT4, together with a full set of adaptors and leads.

Suitable for use with 230 V and 110 V appliances as well as with IT equipment, the versatile PAT4 tester incorporates features that reduce testing time by up to 50% compared with nominally competitive products. It has a QWERTY keyboard for speedy entry of asset identification data, and an integral database for storing test results. The PAT4 also complies fully with the latest IEE Code of Practice.

The tester is accompanied by a copy of Megger’s renowned PowerSuite Professional Contractor PAT software package. This not only provides powerful reporting and archiving facilities, but also includes a client manager module for organising customer data, and even an organiser to assist with the scheduling of future appointments.

For contractors seeking to increase their income, Megger’s new “Business in a Box” offers a complete and convenient solution at an exceptionally attractive price.

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