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H3452 High Quality Glow in the Dark Anti Slip Tape Available Now

20 November 2015

Heskins have managed two breakthroughs in one with their latest product. H3452 high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape not only far exceeds ASTM 2072 technical specs for glowing time, but it is non abrasive too, a first for Heskins…..

OSH1910 regulations, which derive ASTM 2072 technical specifications, stipulates that industrial glow in the dark tapes levels of luminance for 10 minutes should be 30mcd/m2 and 4.4mcd/m2 for 60 minutes. H3452 achieves 107mcd/m2 for 10 minutes and 32mcd/m2 for 60 minutes, far exceeding regulation requirements, and ensuring that this tape can be used in areas where exiting in lights out situations takes longer.

It’s non abrasive finish is suitable for application in a vast range of areas also, also exceeding all non slip requirements. It can be applied in wet areas where bare skin is exposed and in environments with strict hygiene standards, as it’s lack of peaks and valley prevent bacteria from harboring and allows for easy cleaning.

You can order H3452 high quality glow in the dark anti slip tape in rolls, sheets or die cuts. If you do require a specific die cut, dependent on quantity we can discuss your needs. To order or enquire, contact Heskins by phone email or live chat.

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