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Waterproof And Repair Your Roof For Less

24 November 2015

A damaged, leaky roof can cause a range of problems for your premises, and can end up being very costly.

To help reduce these costs, Watco brings you a Roofing Bundle Pack which provides everything you need to repair and waterproof your roof.

Our bundle pack includes:

Roofite – A uniquely blended roof coating that waterproofs and refurbishes your roof – usually £82.20 per pack
Roofite Repair Mortar – A thick, flexible, waterproof repair mortar ideal for fixing a leaking roof – usually £48.10 per pack
Roofite Joint Sealant – Easily seal and repair joints, cracks and gutters with this Bitumen based sealant – usually £10.20 per pack

Separately these items would come to over £140, but buy the Watco Roofing Bundle Pack and you’ll get all 3 for only £125.

Beat the wet weather and waterproof your premises now – order before 1:30pm and receive your items the next working day.

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