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The 65 Year Old Baldor Motor that's still going

17 December 2008

Mark P. Hodge, Maintenance Supervisor at Whirlpool Corporation’s Evansville was amazed when he found a very old Baldor motor still running.

Mark P. Hodge of the Indiana plant, where top-mount refrigerators and large ice-makers are manufactured,said: “We had an exhaust motor fail in our power house.  When we got up on the roof and started investigating the cause of the failure we found that the Baldor motor was still operational, but the pulley had been worn through and the belt was spinning on the shaft.  My engineers and supervisors had never seen a motor like this one.  Our plant was built in the 1940s and we believe this motor was an original installation.  If so, the motor lasted 65+ years!  This is unheard of in today’s world!"
Baldor got the name tag information and sure enough, the motor was built at the company's St. Louis plant, in the middle of the 1940s.
Mark P. Hodge continued, “Baldor motors are top-notch as far as we are concerned. We are going to keep it as part of our history.  Keep up the great quality!"

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