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27 November 2015

CopriSystems are premier suppliers of commercial and industrial storage facilities to suit all kinds of applications

Providing pre-fabricated structures for industrial storage

If you run a large business, or if you regularly have a large volume of stock to store and transport to different locations, you will be in need of a bespoke storage solution.  Our industrial storage products provide a convenient and cost-effective answer as we can offer you additional storage space on either a temporary or permanent basis. 

With a pre-fabricated structure, you do not need to spend money on hiring a separate storage facility or invest your time and resources into moving to a new premises, making your life much simpler.

Many companies have a level of turnover which means they have to consistently rotate their stock.  When goods have to be moved around a lot, they need to be stored in facilities that are easily accessible to employees and vehicles.  We know that you need your stock to remain safe, secure and protected from the external elements. 

When goods and equipment are stolen or damaged, it means costly repairs and replacements, as well as possible downtime and loss of revenue; when you're using our storage facilities, you won't need to worry about this.

We supply a selection of industrial storage facilities for all kinds of companies, and we assure our customers of the quality of our structures. 

We provide a range of steel framed constructions and portable modular domes that offer complete protection from rain, wind and snow as well as full resistance to fire.  Our range also includes canopies and domes that are sure to meet your every need.

Our lightweight storage solutions can easily be relocated if necessary, and they offer the ideal enclosure for machinery, equipment, stock and more.  We are also the one stop solution for vehicular and transport solutions as our freestanding canopies come with wide door openings for easy access and full protection from the weather.

If you have very large machinery or equipment that cannot be stored in your existing facility, our domes offer the ideal solution.  They are designed to house high bay racking along with any other industrial items of excessive size. 

Our storage structures come in many different sizes, but if you require alternative dimensions we are happy to offer a bespoke service and deliver the product that meets your precise needs.  We can also install extra features such as standard fire, personnel and roller shutter doors. 

Call us for advice on our entire range or alternatively we can offer you an online quote.

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