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Don't let the weather ruin your sporting ambitions

27 November 2015

CopriSystems is a leading producer of sports domes and offers both fixed and telescopic varieties to suit all needs

When it comes to versatile sports domes, we are the leading choice

 In the UK sport is a big part of the culture and according to the latest figures, 15.5 million people aged 16 and over in England alone take part in a sport at least once a week. 

This figure doesn't account for younger children, informal sports and figures for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland so the figure will actually be much higher in reality.

The fact that there are so many different sports to choose from encourages participation. 

With the sheer number of options, people are free to explore and discover a sport that they are passionate about.  The multitude of facilities across the UK also plays a big part by making sports more accessible.

The vast majority of sports are played outdoors, whether it is football, cricket, tennis or golf.  As a result the weather may have a big impact on participation, seeing numbers fall off dramatically when the conditions become wet, cold or windy.  This is unfortunate, both for the participants and the sector as a whole. 

Luckily modern sports domes can provide a fantastic solution and help to keep numbers up regardless of the weather.

A sports dome can be used to cover all kinds of pitches, allowing people to participate in sports all year round, in every type of weather you can think of. 

The structures are durable and will have a long life if properly looked after.  They are also cost effective when compared to constructing a permanent building and can come in several shapes and sizes to account for the layout of the pitch you are dealing with.

With domes you can cover the pitch entirely and include heating, air conditioning and lighting.  This means you can create the optimum setting for all kinds of sport and account for the comfort and wellbeing of participants.

If you want to encourage participation all year round and want to lessen the impact bad weather has on numbers we have the perfect solution for you.  We have taken the time to observe the needs of the sports sector and used this knowledge to help develop the best sports domes available on the market.  We are confident we can deliver a dome for any requirement. 

Fixed domes offer a permanent solution so you can keep pitches covered at all times.  Telescopic ones offer more flexibility, allowing you to open and close them when you wish.

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