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Reserve Your Evacuation Chair for Rent over the Christmas Period Now

27 November 2015

Do you have an elderly, disabled, injured or otherwise mobility impaired friend or relative staying for Christmas? Don’t miss out on your Christmas evacuation chair rental. Get in touch with Evacusafe today to make your reservation.

As always, Evacusafe UK has some sound advice for anyone wanting to hire an Evacuation Chair to cover the Christmas period - Now is the best time to reserve your rental.  Although it may seem that Christmas is still some time away, it is in fact just around the corner and as previous years have dictated, the demand for Evacusafe rental chairs is extremely high.

David Della-savina, Sales and Marketing Manager for Evacusafe said “We’ve already taken a vast amount of bookings for Christmas rentals and we have limited stock left.  Customers tend to book earlier and earlier each year and we will definitely run out of rental chairs over the next few weeks”.

If you’re wondering why Christmas is such a popular time for Evacuation Chair rentals it’s mostly down to families who have visitors during the holidays who may be elderly, disabled or otherwise suffer from limited mobility.  Evacusafe’s transit chairs are ideal for manoeuvring mobility impaired friends and family members around the house, but unlike wheelchairs, they are designed to be picked up and carried including up and/or down stairs, in comfort and safety.

The company also hires out to businesses for corporate festive events where they need to make provision of a safe escape during an emergency situation, such as a fire, whether they are fully mobile or suffer from restricted mobility.

You may be surprised at just how cost-effective Evacusafe’s rentals work out.  Customers who rent a chair for the Christmas period will be able to use the chair for two weeks whilst only having to pay for one week’s rental.  This works out at just over £7 per day.  A price that will be difficult to find elsewhere, let alone beat!

The advice is simple; do not leave your arrangements until the last minute, call 01256 332723 now to make sure you do not miss out. 

The price includes delivery and collection but you’ll need to hurry as the final date for placing your rental order is Friday 18th December 2015 (whilst stock lasts).

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