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The First Portable Dual Pin Maker

17 December 2008

Telesis introduces the first portable pin-maker with dual pins and wider window for Alphanumeric and 2D Code Marking.

Telesis Technologies, the world leader in pin-marking systems with the renowned PinStamp® line of lightweight and durable permanent marking systems, announces a fast and flexible addition: the dual-pin, portable PinStamp TMM4215 marker.

This new pneumatic permanent pin marker, already making an impact in applications around the world, builds on the proven performance of the Telesis PinStamp 4200 series markers by doubling the window size (to 100 x 13mm) and, with a unique dual-pin configuration, offers increased marking speeds compared to typical single-pin markers. As the original innovator of multi-pin technology, Telesis continues to bring new value to handheld marking applications.

By combining fast and flexible marking with Telesis’s established light-weight and robust rack and pinion design, the TMM4215 delivers the optimum combination of window size, speed, convenience, and durability. The TMM4215 weighs only 2.0 kg, (4.4 lbs.) but can still provide deep marking in a variety of materials using pins ranging in diameter from 2.5mm to 10mm.  Depth of mark ranges from 0.03mm to a remarkably deep 0.45mm.

The ergonomically-designed TMM4215 is comfortable in the hand and offers a quick-disconnect cable for easy setup and maintenance. Equally at home as a portable unit or integrated into a fully automated process, this new pin-marker offers the operational versatility users appreciate. The industry-proven TMC420 controller enables easy pattern design without the need for a PC.

Even though the TMM4215 is being officially released now, it has already been proven a superior marking solution worldwide in demanding applications including the heavy equipment, automotive and oilfield service industries.

Telesis Technologies, Inc. is the leader in standard and custom-engineered product identification and process technologies, providing a wide range of permanent, programmable laser, pin-marking and scribe marking systems. Proven fast and durable, Telesis systems are relied on in thousands of manufacturing and other operational environments every day.