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Impac Infrared addresses Thermal Imaging limitations

13 January 2009

When Impac Infrared looked at the inaccuracies in conventional high temperature thermal imaging for the metal processing industries, they found some basic underlying factors to consider:

Conventional mid-wave thermal imaging cameras suffer from significant errors due to fluctuations in the surface emissivity and measurements through viewports are difficult and extremely expensive.

“Blooming” was the second factor whereby process images can be obscured by the hot and therefore bright areas whereby the intense energy emitted causes saturation of the detector.

Lastly the initial cost of general purpose imaging systems was often considered unnecessarily high in some cases due to systems having more features then were actually needed or even desired.

Addressing these limitations resulted in the Impac M9200 Pyrovision – a ground breaking technological breakthrough in thermal imaging for high temperature process applications.

The M9200 has been designed with a narrow band spectral response in the near infrared region, minimizing measurement errors caused by fluctuations in target emissivity. Viewing port and window materials such as quartz, Pyrex and Sapphire cause minimal attenuation of infrared energy at this wavelength.

A patented 640 x 480 pixel array detector unit provides bloom free images of high temperature targets in high resolution.

Real time imaging of dynamic processes is achieved by the 60 frames per second fast response.

Features of the M9200 include;

  • Advanced FPA technology
  • Exceptionally high accuracy and resolution
  • Measures temperature at 300,000 points up to 60 times a second
  • Minimally affected by emissivity
  • Sees through glass or quartz view ports
  • Versatile image processing and process control software
  • Upto 32-channel isolated current outputs for automated process control

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