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Gear Hardening in Gloucestershire

05 January 2016

Inductoheat have commissioned a new hardening machine and several induction heaters to extend their job shop heat treatment service

Inductoheat have offered a range of treatments around induction heating for many years. We have recently added a new purpose built machine for hardening gears,splines slots and various geometries found in engineering parts.

The process involves selective heating,quenching and tempering of direct hardening (carbon) steels. (The company also offers other treatments for other materials) The new machine operates in various modes including scan heating and 'single shot' heating with spin and drop quench. Our wide experience has allowed us to design a machine with minimal tool setting to give a competitive price with high quality for small batch work.

Allied to this we have added 2 new state of the art solid state power supplies to drive our various work stations. In addition to the wide range of metal heat treatment services offered we repair and build induction heating tooling and supply flux concentrator materials and design advice through our agency for

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