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Testo 880 Thermal Imaging Camera Now with Extra Features Added

14 January 2009

The Testo 880 thermal imaging cameras can be used in a wide range of applications such as building maintenance, building surveys, electrical inspections and mechanical maintenance.

The Testo 880 is able to detect thermal anomalies making it easy to identify problems. Thermal imaging techniques allow safe non-contact measurements.

The Testo 880-1 now offers an integrated digital camera at a most competitive price of £ 3726.00 making it the highest specification thermal Imaging Camera in its price range.

Automatic Hot and Automatic Cold Spot Recognition

To make on site diagnosis easier, the camera recognises and highlights the hot/cold spots in the IR Image directly in the display.

New Pro Software

The new software allows extensive evaluation and analysis of thermograms. Furthermore multiple parallel infrared images can be processed, studied and documented in the thermography report with their real images. For precise analytical results, one can even correct the thermal image in relation to the different emissivities of the various materials by area, up to individual pixels – Layout templates are also provided, specifically layouts for building surveys to DIN EN13187.

  •  High-quality wide-angle lens 32° with F1-optic (provides a Wide Field of View to See More)
  • Detector 160 x 120pixels, interpolating to 320 x 240 Pixels on the Display, providing a High resolution image
  • NETD < 0,1°C (Thermal Sensitivity)  
  • Exchangeable Lenses (880-2 & 880-3)
  • Auto Hot and Cold Spot identification on Display
  • Integrated Digital Camera (880-1 & 880-3)
  • Adjustable Emissivity
  • Temp range -20 to +350º C
  • 5 hours battery operating time
  • Comprehensive, easy to use Testo IR PRO software to produce reports

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