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MiniTec UK launches new GFK90 flexible link chain conveyor system

19 January 2009

New flexible link chain conveyor system is fully compatible with full range of MiniTec machine framing and building components

MiniTec UK Ltd has launched a new flexible link chain conveyor system aimed at processing and materials handling applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. The GFK90 is fully compatible with the MiniTec Profile System machine framing range allowing complete conveying and product handling solutions to be designed and built using components from one supplier - saving time and reducing costs.

The GFK90 conveyor is based upon 82.5 mm wide chain segments that are interlinked with a minimal gap that allows very small components tobe transported but provides maximum curvature flexibility for bends, radii and vertically elevated sections; a 500 mm horizontal radius capability provides maximum space saving.

Components or materials to be transported can be matched to a choice of plastic or stainless steel conveyor segment material for maximum durability. Plastic segments are suited to ambient temperatures from -20 ºC to +60 ºC; the stainless steel option suits +120 ºC.

To adapt to the customers conveying requirements, the GFK90’s chain segments may be customised to suit handling requirements: Flat-form plastic or stainless steel chain
segments may include machined features to assist transport of components; integral rollers can be added to provide sliding friction to counter product accumulation; rubber or other materials may be added to aid friction for uphill or downhill sections.

Depending on the components conveyed, the conveyor path, and the type of chain material selected, speeds of up to 50 m/min are possible. Conveyor loading, also material dependant is up to 2000 N.

The GFK90 conveyor system is based upon MiniTec’s 45 mm profile with two vertically oriented T-slots that accept standard interlocking fixtures and fittings from the Profile System machine building range. The upper slot is typically used to locate sensors, side rails, panels and guards. The lower slot is used for mounting brackets,motors and machine frame substructures. All connection bolts supplied are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel and a wide choice of conveyor drives are available including inverters for variable speed conveying.

As with all MiniTec products, comprehensive CAD data and design software is available to help visualise and select system elements; MiniTec UK can also provide a design
service with on-site assembly and commissioning if required.

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