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Eczema and Psoriasis sufferers benefit from Electronic Hard Water Conditioners

19 January 2009

There are many other benefits associated with Electronic Hard Water Conditioners including the desired reduced energy costs.

We all know that water softeners make a world of difference when used to treat hard water. More bubbles and hair feeling cleaner. Skin smoother and in many cases dry skin, eczema and even psoriasis showing marked improvement if not completely cured.

One really big plus is that by removing Limescale in your hot water cylinder or boiler the amount of energy used to heat up the water is reduced considerably. This of course means lower energy bills. Something we all want.

Another great plus is the extended life of kitchen and other appliances. The dishwasher and washing machines will last longer and of course will work much more efficiently if the water is softer,

So why doesn’t everyone who lives in a hard water area fit one? Well the cost of even a modest softener is in the hundreds of pounds and the fact that salt has to be added all the time is often a “chore too much” for some busy households.

Well, there’s an answer in the form of the ELECTRONIC WATER CONDITIONER fromleading British Manufacturer, Splendid Products Ltd. They have for the last 10 years been making and selling their LITTLE PLUMBER range and claim  to have had only one unit returned in that time.

Perhaps the most amazing testament to the effectiveness of these products that claim to provide water every bit as good as softened water. is that they are so simple to install. You just simply wrap the aerials that hang from underneath the box of electronics around “any” cold water pipe and “Bobs Your Uncle”, soft water. And there is no maintenance. The electronic effect put into the water travels in all directions and has nothing to do with the flow of the water so the LP unit can be installed almost anywhere. There is even a battery operated unit if you really can’t get and electrical supply to it.

Be careful to choose the right unit by visiting our site to check out if you have a VENTED or UNVENTED plumbing system.

Of course the doubting Thomas’s will ask “do they really work?” well with Splendid Products you really don’t need to worry because they give a 12 MONTH “NO QUIBBLE” FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you want to return the LP unit for any reason.

So if you suffer from eczema or just want to reduce your heating bills or would like to experience soft water then what have you got to lose? If it doesn’t “ring your bell” you can send it back, but in 10 years Splendid Products have only had ONE unit returned.

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