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Plastic Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bags

21 January 2016

Flexi loop plastic carrier bags have become popular and used in most of UK’s supermarkets and they are often branded as ‘Bags for Life’. Our printed flexi loop handle carrier bags are not only designed to be tough, durable and long lasting, they’re designed to make an impact, too.

Flexi loop plastic carrier bags have reinforced handles made from thick polythene, which are welded to the inside of the bag. The flexi loop handles allow full bag usage whilst also being comfortable to hold.

Our printed flexi loop handle carrier bags are competitively priced, but durable and long lasting; they’re designed and printed with customer’s logo to make an impact. Our flexi loop handle bags are available in a range of stock colours which allows you to choose a colour of your choice. Our bag’s reusable qualities make it “bag for life”.

Flexi loop handle plastic carrier bags can be made from a range of material thicknesses.  Most of our loop handle bags are made from biodegradable materials. We also print an environmentally friendly logo free of charge, which allows your customers to know that you’re using bags that are produced from biodegradable materials.

These carrier bags can be made from either a flat thickness film or from a varigauge film which is normally double in thickness from the top than at the bottom of the bag to give extra strength where the handles are welded. These bags can have a bottom gusset or both side and bottom gussets, which can be printed on. Cardboard support for the bottom gusset is also available.

Polythene flexi loop carrier bags are both strong and attractive making them an excellent bag for your brand promotion. We can print from one spot colour for multi-colour logos with company details. We can print your bags with 100% ink coverage which allows you to have base colour of bag of your choice.

Our minimum quantity for these bags is 1000pcs and delivery lead time 2-3 weeks. Quantities over 5000 bags can be offered at much more competitive prices with a delivery lead time of 12-14 weeks.

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