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An Innovative Solution to Storing 25°C Medicines

02 February 2016

'Ambient or room temperature' range is a thing of the past. Too ambiguous for temperature control....

After extensive research on ‘room temperature’ medicine storage - QED Scientific developed a new technology to accommodate the temperature management of 25°C pharmaceuticals.

The new product - a ‘CRT controlled room temperature' storage cabinet, is regulated at 15ºC to 25ºC, accommodating ‘store below 25°C’ drugs… as per manufacturers labels for safe storage. Our primary aim is to offer an energy/cost-efficient storage solution for health sectors such as Care Homes, Hospital Wards, Dispensaries and Pharmacies.  From research, we found that many health sectors solely rely on thermometers to monitor room temperatures but of course this is just a cautionary method rather than a preventative one.

Air-conditioning could offer a solution to temperature control but this would have to be run on a 24-hour basis, is very expensive, and will put a big dent in budgets. The storage cabinets offer a safer solution to storing medicines preserving drug efficacy and patient welfare.

Benefits/key features:-
*Precise temperature control (as per the recommended range of 15ºC to 25ºC)
*Prevent temperature spikes
*Simplify temperature management
*Offer a cost/energy-effective alternative solution to air-conditioning *Adherence and compliance to regulations/inspections
*Less time consuming, and peace of mind for staff
*Give precise temperature readings via data logging technology *Preserve drug safety, quality, and efficacy.

 Presently – non-refrigerated medicinal products are stored on shelves, in cupboards, and standard drugs cabinets. The temperature of these medicines is solely dependant on the environmental temperature of the location where they are stored and internal environmental temperatures of an architecture (given a seasonal or annual change in external climate) can fluctuate, thus environmental temperatures can exceed 25°C.

After further investigation and examining inspection reports we noted that staff across many service healthcare sectors have struggled to maintain 25ºC temperatures at some point, and especially so during the summer months. Since the distribution of drugs tightened, previous guidelines that instructed them to be stored at ‘room temperature’, or ‘ambient temperature’, are now considered to be imprecise terms as this depends entirely on environmental conditions such as:

Temperature, air, light, and humidity and therefore are no longer acceptable terminology for labelled storage recommendations. Distribution companies of medicinal products now ship under CRT ‘controlled room temperature’ requirements.

This was accommodated by the emergence of specially developed phase changing packaging which regulates temperatures below 25ºC. Of course this is an important development for the temperature management of drug stability at the start of the supply chain, but currently – No adequate 25°C storage solution exists for service users….and It made sense to me that this revised temperature range should cut across the rest of the supply chain.

This is where our company propose to try and bridge this gap. QED Scientific is a UK market leader in manufacturing warming cabinets’ and is renowned for offering a bespoke service, i.e. much of our manufacturing work revolves around modifying our existing range of products, or working on new projects to accommodate customer requirements. 25°C medicine storage is now available on the market, exclusive to QED Scientific Ltd.

The cabinets come in a wide range of capacities from bench top, under counter, and up to larger models suitable for clinical trials..etc.

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