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Suspended overband magnets successfully separate Eriez Europe from the competition

02 February 2016

The recovery of valuable metals that have incorrectly been disposed of into the non-recyclable waste system, is a widespread problem throughout the Energy from Waste process. However, Eriez Magnetics Europe are able to provide the perfect solution.

Viridor has recently installed two of Eriez’ impressive Multi Pole (MP) suspended magnets at their new £223m Energy Recovery Facility in Cardiff, South Wales. The magnets installed at the site feature Eriez’ Multi Pole (MP) magnet assembly which allow Viridor to recover ferrous metals from up to 350,000 tonnes of waste per year.

To achieve the highest recovery levels of ferrous metals using Eriez’ suspended magnets, Viridor installed the magnets on a robust framework in-line with the belt mounted above the head pulley which often allows for more successful separation.  Both magnets supplied by Eriez’ were designed and manufactured to suit Viridor’s 1000mm conveyor belt yet importantly, feature a 1800mm long magnet assembly which allows for a more intense carry-over distance of ferrous material than would be achieved by an extension magnet. Eriez’ innovatively designed multipole magnet helps to ensure that all ferrous is discharged reliably to the correct depository.

In addition to the revolutionary development of Eriez’ Multi Pole (MP) suspended magnets, Eriez now proudly hold a comprehensive range of its Centre Pole (CP) suspended magnets in stock.  This allows customers to obtain immediate access to a range of permanent suspended magnets suitable for a range of belt widths and suspension heights. Gareth Meese, Sales Director at Eriez Europe commented, “The development of our Multi Pole suspended magnet further emphasises Eriez’ dedication to supplying a diverse, innovative range of magnetic separation solutions to the industry. Holding a large selection of our suspended magnets demonstrates Eriez’ dedication to its customers and enables rapid supply of popular models.”

Eriez continue to supply a high volume of robust, competitively-priced suspended magnets every month to customers throughout Europe who have a need to successfully remove tramp iron and achieve maximum protection of downstream machinery – all manufactured at their European headquarters in South Wales, UK.

For an immediate quotation or to check availability, please contact a member of the Eriez team now on +44 (0) 29 2086 8501 or E-Mail

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