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Complete escape soluton for Leeds City Museum

22 January 2009

Evac+Chair International has just provided a stairway evacuation chair package for the newly opened Leeds City Museum.

Centrally located in the historic Leeds Institute Building on Millennium Square, the brand new museum is a major city attraction with an 800 visitor capacity.  Built over three floors, it was essential for the museum to provide a safe and quick means of escape for mobility impaired visitors and staff in the event of an emergency.

The historic building layout posed a challenge requiring a solution that had to allow for emergency stair ascent and descent.  Evac+Chair carried out a free on-site emergency escape assessment and were able to put forward a package of three different products to cover the requirements.

For emergency descent, two standard Evac+Chair 300H models were supplied as well as an Evac+Chair 600H which comes with two extra front handles for locations in the Museum with difficult access.

The Evac+Chair is a simple cost effective device that can be employed in the event of an emergency when lifts cannot be used.  The lightweight unit allows one person to transport another downstairs or on the flat quickly and safely with only a minimum amount of training required and very little physical strength. 

An IBEX Transeat was also supplied for the museum’s conference suite and gallery on the ground floor, where the need is to ascend a flight of stairs.  It grips the stairs and controls the rate of descent with an adjustable braking system and will ascend a stair with the application of minimal force by two operators. It can also accommodate staircases designed with a 45-degree angle of descent, quarter landings, carpeted stairs and obstacles such as doorframes and storm guards.

Leeds City Museum also received certified training from Evac+Chair on all models and is also making use of the company’s nationwide inspection and maintenance service to ensure that it continues to remain compliant with the DDA and the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998.

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